IOHA AGM 2023 - A Great Success for the Olympic Handball Community

Nov 13 2023,

The Irish Olympic Handball Association (IOHA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday, and it was a remarkable success. The IOHA team had been working hard on exciting projects that they shared with the club and the members. In addition, the Club Conference was a great opportunity for the clubs to address their concerns and issues related to handball, competitions, committees, and other related affairs in Ireland.

The AGM began with the staff report, which summarised the activities of the IOHA over the past year. It was also highlighted the importance of grassroots development of the sport, which is essential for the growth of handball in Ireland. Members were delighted to hear about the exciting new marketing campaigns and the expansion of IOHA into schools in Ireland.

It then moved on to the secretary's report, which included the financial accounts from the previous year. The secretary presented an accurate financial statement, highlighting the financial stability and soundness of the IOHA. He also addressed the various ways in which the IOHA utilizes its funds to improve handball activities and initiatives in Ireland.

The Club Conference was an excellent opportunity for the clubs to discuss issues concerning handball and voice their concerns related to the activities. Members expressed their views on issues such as development and education, tournaments, competitions, communication, governance, committees, and much more. The conference not only provided a platform for discussion but also reinforced the crucial role that clubs play in furthering the growth of Irish handball.

The Conference ended with the discussion of new initiatives, projects and plans for the year ahead, and included a presentation from Dr. Domenico Crognole from UCD Human Performance. The IOHA team shared the updates of the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, the new governance structure and how these makes IOHA stronger and more prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Exciting plans were also presented for the participation of Irish Handball in international competitions, and various development initiatives were discussed that focused on creating a strong grassroots structure around the country.

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In conclusion, the IOHA AGM meeting was a resounding success. Members appreciated the opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard, and the IOHA team showcased their hard work and innovation in various exciting projects.

The discussions and exchanges of ideas have imparted a renewed sense of vigour and commitment to the growth and development of handball in Ireland. The professionalism and enthusiasm of everyone involved were truly remarkable and ensure a bright future for Irish Handball.

The success of the meeting speaks to the importance of the AGM for the Handball community in Ireland and promises opportunities and initiatives that carry the sport forward. The Board is currently contemplating scheduling another meeting with the clubs before the year concludes.

IOHA Annual Report

Anti-Doping Report 2023

IOHA Financial Statement


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