Secondary School Competition

Olympic Handball Secondary School Competition is back for the 23/24 School Year! 

All secondary schools in Ireland can take part and have fun with Olympic Handball Ireland! 

Categories are: UNDER 15 BOYS & GIRLS and UNDER 18 BOYS & GIRLS;

For full REGULATION, please access the link:

School Competition Regulation 2023-2024


How does it work? 


  1. Register your team(s) from the 4th of September - CLICK HERE 

  2. After registrations are closed, OHI will allocate schools in groups within their county;

  3. Group Stage begins* - leaded by the teachers, schools from the same groups play against each other and have until the 22nd of December to play all matches in this first phase; 

  4. Qualified teams move to the next round of the competition - the County Finals;

  5. OHI will organise the County Finals in each participant county;

  6. The county winners move to the next phase, the Provincial Finals (TBC depending on number of teams);

  7. OHI will organise the Provincial Finals (TBC);

  8. The Provincial winners of each category will be qualified to the ALL-IRELAND finals;

  9. OHI organises ALL-IRELAND finals and will have the participation of winners of each province, in each of the categories;

  10. The winners will be declared the ALL-IRELAND champions! 


* In order to happen, a minimun number of teams is required in each county.