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Can you answer Ireland’s call?


The ambition of the Irish Olympic Handball Association is to have National teams at all age levels competing in European Handball Federation (EHF) and International Handball Federation (IHF) competitions.
The senior Men’s National team most recently competed in the 2nd IHF Emerging Nations Trophy in Bulgaria and has previously competed in the qualification rounds of the European Championships and in IHF/EHF Challenge Trophies.
In August 2018 an Irish Men’s U-18 team competed in the EHF Championship for the 1st time, the tournament took place in Austria from 10th to 19th of August.

Since 2017 the criteria to represent Ireland have been altered by the International Handball Federation.

6.2 Player eligibility in case of multiple nationalities

A player who holds more than one nationality and who complies with 6.1., is eligible to officially represent one of those countries if:

a) he was born in the territory of the federation concerned or

b) his biological mother or biological father were born in the territory of the federation concerned or

c) he has been living in the territory of the federation concerned for more than 36 consecutive months.

d) A national team playing in an official match of the International Handball Federation may have only three players on its team who have received the nationality of that country by naturalisation or by any other means after having reached the age of sixteen (16). This provision also applies to any player having the right to acquire a second nationality at birth but who did not use this right until after having reached the age of sixteen (16).

If you are interested in playing for the Irish National team then please complete our online form here


If you believe that you meet the requirements to play for the Irish national handball team, please send an email to and let us get footage of you playing handball. Requirements are an Irish passport or permission to obtain an Irish passport.


Si usted cree que usted cumple con los requisitos para jugar con el equipo de balonmano nacional irlandesa, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a y vamos a obtener imágenes de usted jugar al balonmano. Los requisitos son un pasaporte irlandés o permiso para obtener un pasaporte irlandés.


Haben Sie Interesse, für die irische Nationalmannschaft zu spielen? Dann wollen wir Sie kennen lernen.  Die Nationalmannschaft bekommt professionelle Unterstützung: Wir haben regelmässige Trainingscamps, die sowohl in Irland als auch in Kontinental-Europa stattfinden. Ein großer Teil des Kader spielt in Deutschland, Österreich, Schweden und Großbritannien.

Wenn Sie glauben, dass Sie die Voraussetzungen erfüllen um für das irische Handball-Nationalteam zu spielen, dann schicken Sie uns das untenstehende Formular ausgefüllt zurück und lassen Sie uns Filmmaterial von Ihnen beim Handballspielen zukommen. Voraussetzungen sind ein irischer Reisepass oder die Berechtigung, einen irischen Pass zu erhalten.