IOHA seeking to hire Handball Coaches

The Irish Olympic Handball Association (IOHA) is looking to hire enthusiastic Olympic Handball coaches of all levels to join our team in several locations: Dublin, Meath, Galway and Northern Ireland.

If you are highly motivated, driven for success and want to further your career in an Olympic sport, or even just want to work part-time while in college or as a hobby, the IOHA – all-island National Government Body (NGB) – has the opportunity for you!

We are seeking those who are passionate about teaching the next generation and helping others achieve their goals.

Qualifications and Experience (all applicants):
*Enthusiastic, dependable, positive and coachable.
*Great communication skills with children and adults.
*Ability to work well with any age from 5/6 years old to adults.
*Ability to follow lesson plans and to be able to adjust as needed.
*Preparation of lesson plans and routines for classes/training sessions.
*Must be able to carry/lift equipment and demonstrate the abilities.

Coach Qualifications:
*Level 0 or Level 1 coaching qualification from IOHA or any country member or the RINCK convention.
*Prior coaching experience – at least 1 or 2 years.
*Good knowledge and/or experience in Olympic Handball.
*Develop positive relationships with children and provide motivational support and guidance.
*Ability to demonstrate good leadership skills.
*Be able to provide motivational support and guidance to other coaches.

If you are not a qualified Olympic handball coach, we have coaching courses and mentors/tutors, which will help you develop the required skills to start teaching beginner’s level.
All applicants must be vetted by the company through its partnership with the Federation of Irish Sports and the Irish Vetting Services. And we also arrange Safeguarding and First Aid courses for all our coaching staff as required.

To apply or to seek further information please email our Operations Director, Joao Ferreira.

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