IOHA announce agreement with UCD Institute of Sport and Health.

The Irish Olympic Handball Association (IOHA) is proud to announce the first steps toward a promising collaboration with the UCD Institute of Sport and health ( UCD – ISH).
Dr Domenico Crognale (UCD-ISH Manager of the Human Performance Laboratory) and Dr Andrea Ongaro (IOHA Technical Director) have been discussing the various services that the UCD-ISH can provide to the IOHA, Top Players and clubs with the advantage to get in direct contact, acquire specific experience and knowledge of one of the most popular Olympic Sport in Europe.

In a long term view this collaboration has multiple development avenues which can involve not just the performance support for Top athletes and clubs but also a collaboration on the formation of Olympic Handball Coaches and Sport Specific Fitness and Conditioning Coaches.

Andrea Ongaro considers this collaboration as a milestone for the development of the sport in Ireland and an opportunity not to miss. Initiatives like this have also been recently highlighted by the EHF as key elements that can boost the sport at multiple levels, from performance to education to players safety.

We are looking forward for the sport to resume its activities and see this partnership taking the first steps.

For further information on the work of the UCD Institute of Sport and Health click here