IOHA to host Kama Games Tri-Nations

The Irish Olympic Handball Association is pleased to announce their hosting of the Kama Games Tri Nations tournament.

The event will take place in Gormanstown College Sports Complex from October 25th to 27th and will feature the senior men’s squads of the United States, Great Britain and Ireland.

The KamaGames Tri-Nations tournament marks the first time Ireland, Great Britain, and the
USA have competed in a friendly tournament together, having each taken part in the IHF
Emerging Nations Championship earlier this year.
The first match will take place on the 25th October which will see the Irish men’s team compete
against the USA. The last time the two sides met was in a closely contested matchup that left
fans hungry for a rematch.
Team GB will then meet the USA on the second day of the tournament having narrowly avoided
a matchup back in June’s Emerging Nations Championship after the two teams finished in 4th
and 5th place respectively.
Playing their second match against Great Britain, the Irish men’s team will have a fantastic
opportunity to test their skills against a competitive team which is also in a period of growth and

The IOHA is delighted to once again partner with KamaGames, in hosting the inaugural Annual KamaGames Tri-Nations IOHA Tournament.

As the proud lead sponsor of the IOHA, KamaGames provides new, branded uniforms for
men’s, women’s and junior teams and also ensures the Irish national squads are able to travel
to international games around the world through the kit sponsorship agreement.
As well as supporting the current national teams, KamaGames also invests in the development
and support of handball as a popular national sport for children encouraging and nurturing the
potential next generation of Olympians as well as promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Ireland Squad for Kama Games Tri-Nations

Sean O’Reilly – TV 1877 Lauf (GER) / Co. Dublin
Anthony Tomas – Reading Lions (ENG) / Co. Mayo
Pontus Bonaguidi – Hellas HK (SWE) / Co. Kildare
Kostas Thompson – Patras HC (GRE) / Co. Mayo
Colm Thiel – HC Forchheim (GER) / Co. Dublin
Sean Thiel – Astra Wings (IRL) / Co. Dublin
Steffan Meyer – Regensburg Adler (GER) / Co. Dublin
Balazs Bihari – Astra Wings (IRL) / Co. Dublin
Chris O’Reilly – HP Warta (SWE) / Co. Kildare
Chris Bregazzi – Pforzheim (GER) / Co. Dublin
Blake VanDuyvenvoorde – Astra Wings (IRL) / Co. Kildare
Alex Kulesh – Team Norrebro (DEN) / Co. Kildare
Thomas Grace – Tornby IF (DEN) / Co. Kildare
Jules Lavirotte – Dublin City Handball (IRL) / Co. Dublin
Donal O’Doherty – Astra Wings (IRL) / Co. Kildare

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