Danish Handball Federation’s 2nd visit to Dublin

This week the Irish Olympic Handball Association had the pleasure of welcoming representatives of the Danish Handball Federation to Dublin as part of the Foster agreement between the 2 federations. Lars Bronserud and Ulrich Jorgensen made the trip from Copenhagen to the National Sports Campus for a number of meetings and activities.

Unusually the Danes were in town to learn some things from the Irish as well as the more usual other way round.

The first meeting of the visit was with the IOHA’s Technical Director, Andrea Ongaro as he continues to develop a Level 2 Coaching Curriculum alongside Coaching Ireland.

The next meeting that the Danes attended was with Pat Daly, GAA Director of Games Development & Research. The Danish Handball Federation is eager to learn about the structures and organisation of the GAA, the largest sporting body in Ireland. Among the items discussed were the GAA’s Summer Camps (Cúl Camps) and their Mass Volunteer Activation plan.

Finally, Lars delivered an overview and demonstration of “Handball Fitness” a concept developed to bring people  back to handball.

To read more about Handball Fitness click here

The event was well attended with a range of handball ability and experience and everyone agreed it was a fun experience while getting fit.

The IOHA looks forward to continuing this mutually beneficial agreement with our friends from Denmark.


Handball Fitness photo