Dates, times and venues announced for upcoming coaching courses

The dates times and venues for the upcoming IOHA Level 0 and Level 1 coaching courses have been announced.

These courses follow on from 2016 where 12 coaches achieved Level 1 status and were presented with their coaching certificates at an event in November in Irish Sports HQ.

A Level 0 course has been organised for May 20th in Ashbourne Community School from 9.30 a.m. till 4 .00 p.m. and is aimed at Teachers/Youth leaders or those with little or no handball experience. Cost €50

A Level 1 course which is made up of 3 modules has been scheduled for 3 weekends in May, see table below. The level 1 course is aimed at those receipt of a Level 0 award or those who have experience of playing handball at senior level. For a breakdown of what is covered please see the table below.  Each module costs €50 and a missed module can be undertaken in the 2017-18 season.

Payment can be made by registering online here.

All IOHA Coaching courses are recognised by the European Handball Federation and by Coaching Ireland.

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Module  Date/Venue Topic Room Hrs Time
Saturday 6th of May, 
Arrival Welcome 9:30 AM
Role of the coach Class 1 10:00 AM
Planning and Appraisal Class 2 11:00 AM
break 1 1:00 PM
Planning and Appraisal Hall 2 2:00 PM
Technical Skills. Individual Attack Hall 2 4:00 PM
Saturday 13th of May,
UCD Sports Hall 
Arrival welcome 9:30 AM
History and structure Class 1 10:00 AM
Rules and FairPlay Class 1 11:00 AM
Mental development – Psycho-Social dimension of coaching Class 1 12:00 PM
break 1 1:00 PM
Technical Skills. Individual Defence Hall 2 2:00 PM
Technical Skills. Simple collaboration Attack Hall 2 4:00 PM
Saturday 27th of May, 
Arrival welcome 9:30 AM
Gender specifics Class 1 10:00 AM
Physical fitness (T) Class 1 11:00 AM
break 1 12:00 PM
Physical fitness (P) Coordination, Speed Hall 3 1:00 PM
Technical Skills. Goalkeer Hall 2 4:00 PM
Sunday 28th of May, 
UCD Sports Hall
Arrival welcome 9:30 AM
Beach and Street Class/hall 2 10:00 AM
break 1 12:00 PM
Technical Skills. Defence simple collaboration with Goalkeer Hall 2 1:00 PM
Strategy & tactics Hall 2 3:00 PM


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