Race for title of MVP heats up

As we head towards the business end of the IOHA leagues teams at the top of the table will turn their thoughts to appearing in the league final and lifting the IOHA league trophy.

The end of the season will also see some individual awards being lifted as the 2016-17 league features an MVP award in both the Men’s and Ladies league. The awards were initiated by the league organising committee to recognise players who were voted the MVP for their team in a match regardless of victory or defeat. The way it works is that a match MVP from the winning team gets 2 points for a win and an MVP from a losing team gets 1 point. The total at the end of the season will give us the MVP

Heading towards the end of February the MVP standings are as follows

MVP Race Men Andrés Gómez Astra 2 2 4
Dragos Busioc DI 2 2 4
Omar Alsaffar Astra 2 1 3
Balazs Bihari UCD 2 1 3
Benoit Lefevre DCH 2 1 3
Tangi Philippouu UCC 1 1 2
MVP Race Women Magda Andrzejewska DI 2 2 2 6
Tatiana Guimaraes Astra 2 1 2 5
Amalia Barlean Astra 2 2 4
Lena Muller DCH 1 1 1 1 4
Amina Zaiter UCD 2 1 3
Velta Ryan DI 2 1 3
Joyce Miranda Compdel UCD 1 1 2


Who will be the league MVP at the end of the season?

Who will be the league MVP at the end of the season?