IOHA Adopts New Constitution At 2016 AGM

Saturday July 16th was the date for the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Irish Olympic Handball Association with the event once again taking place in Dublin. There were no positions up for election at this years AGM but IOHA President, Fintan Lyons was pleased to introduce two new board members who had been appointed to the board in the last six months.

Orla Griffin and Eoin Gallagher were appointed as Women’s Handball representative and Governance Director respectively in 2016. The President also thanked the two previous Board members who had stepped down in the last 12 months for their contribution.

Amongst the business carried out at the meeting was an update on the associations 2015 accounts, Anti-doping, Coaching and an overview of the work and make up of the Women’s Handball Development Committee.

Perhaps the most important part of the meeting was the renaming of the association to comply with Irish legislation and the adoption of a new constitution for the IOHA. The new constitution came about following a review of the association’s policies as part of our journey to comply with the Governance Code.

The new constitution is available to view here

The motion to change the name of the association is available to view here

Both motions were adapted at the meeting and the President thanked his fellow Board members for their work on the new constitution.

IOHA AGM 2016 picture