And Then There Were Four

Wednesday January 27th 2016 will long remain in the memory of handball fans as the day all reasonable handball logic went out the window!

Going into the days matches it seemed assured that Denmark, France, Poland and Spain would get the results they needed to qualify for the semi finals.

In the end only Spain could seal the deal and make it to Krakow.

Germany 25-Denmark 23

Germany didn’t qualify for Euro 2014 and their redemption is almost complete as they stunned the Danes to reach the semis despite a huge injury list.

France 24- Norway 29

Norway have never been to a Euro semi final and the smart money was on that record continuing but the Scandinavian fairy tale continues  after a stunning victory over “les Experts”.

Poland 23- 37 Croatia

The hosts knew that even a 4 goal defeat would be enough to qualify for the semis, Croatia knew a victory by + 9 was needed for them to make the trip to Krakow. What happened next will haunt the hosts of a great tournament for many years to come. It wasn’t supposed to finish like this for Poland, they dreamed of medals around their necks, alas it’s not to be!

Spain 25- Russia 23

Spain have been motoring along nicely in Euro 2016 and they turned the screw on Russia in the second half to ensure they met their minimum requirement for this tournament, a semi final place.


Semi-finals – Krakow

29.01.16 18:30 Norway vs Germany
29.01.16 21:00 Spain vs Croatia