Positive Finish To IHF Tournament For Ireland

There was a positive finish to the first IHF Emerging Nations Championships in Kosovo for the Irish Men’s team.

The squad rounded off their participation by beating Andorra on Thursday and Albania on Friday to claim a final position of 13th in the tournament.

The 2 wins came on the back of 3 defeats in the group stage to Moldova, China and Malta and a playoff defeat to Bulgaria but as always the scorelines sometimes don’t reflect the whole story of the matches.

The Irish team dusted themselves down and finished off the tournament with 2 good performances and so the players can begin their summer break from handball on a positive note.

The Final Standings in the tournament were:

1. Faroe Islands
2. Latvia
3. Kosovo
4. Uruguay
5. Estonia
6. Moldova
7. Cameroon
8. Malta
9. Great Britain
10. China
11. Bulgaria
12. Australia
13. Ireland
14. Albania
15. Andorra
16. Armenia