IOHA Seeks 2 Referees for IHF Trophy In Andorra.

In February of this year the International Handball Federation invited the Irish Olympic Handball Association to participate in the 2014 version of the IHF Trophy.
The tournament will be hosted by the Andorran Federation from May 21st to May 25th and preparation of the U-20 Men’s squad is under way.

Running parallel to the tournament is a referee training course which will be overseen by IHF Refereeing Expert Mr. Peter Olsson (SWE).

The IOHA is seeking 2 Male referees from its membership to travel to Andorra from May 20th to May 26th to participate in the event.
Simultaneously to the Competition, the IHF will organise courses for coaches and for referees. The courses will be carried out on behalf of the International Handball Federation by Mr. Wolfgan Lowak (GER) coaching and Mr. Peter Olsson (SWE) refereeing.

All coaches and referees travelling with the national teams are obliged to take part in the courses in the mornings prior to the Competition. This is especially important for the referees, as the best referee couple from the tournament will receive a nomination to referee in the Inter Continental Phase of the IHF Trophy which will take place next year, and have the opportunity to be involved in the Global Refereeing Training Program. It needs not to be mentioned that it is essential that the referees nominated by the national federations are English speaking.

Mr. Olsson in cooperation with Mr. Lowak will also make the nominations of the referees for the Competition and they will be in charge of conducting the tournament according to the IHF Regulations.
Interested candidates are invited to complete the application form here and return it to before 5 p.m. on Friday March 28th.
The successful applicants will be notified soon after.

Priority will be given to candidates who have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate a commitment to refereeing in Ireland

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Could you be the next Top IHF/EHF Referee?