IOHA Senior Mens League Report

Lughnasa v Astra in Phibblestown

Saturday 26th January 2013 13:30

Old rivals in the Senior League met for the first time this season in the first of the weekend’s games. It was a thriller. Both teams were missing some crucial players. In the first half, there was never more than two goals between the sides. Astra were definitely better at the start but Lughnasa doggedly fought and by the end of the first half, the scores were even. The second half started much the same, Astra slowly spread the gap over the beginning of the second half to two goals. A Lughnasa suspension allowed Astra to spread the gap to five. It took ten more minutes for Lughnasa to reign in Astra and narrowed the gap to within two. At this critical time, Lughnasa were thrown a lifeline.

The referees gave two consecutive suspensions to Astra who were reduced to four court players. Lughnasa didn’t take advantage of the powerplay and Astra returned down the other end to score. This quelled any chance of a late Lughnasa upset. The gap remained three until the end of the game, final score Lughnasa 26-29 Astra. Astra climb to second behind DI in the league standings.

DI v UCD in Phibblestown

Saturday 26th January 2013 15:30

DI met UCD in the second match of the weekend. The difference between the teams was plain to see, DI dominated from the start. UCD found it hard to create space in the tight DI defense and worse still, it was impossible to slip the ball past Nico who was supreme for DI in goals. UCDs first score came from a penalty via Eberle. DI sailed into a seven goal lead with only 10 minutes played. DI steadily grew their lead throughout the half and the scores stood 19-5 at half time. DI took their foot off the gas somewhat in the second half but still managed to stretch their lead further. UCD had more opportunities on goal but there would be no comeback. The match ended DI 38-13 UCD.DI retain their no. 1 position in the league standings, their next game against Sligo in two weeks.

Sligo IT v DCU in Sligo

Sunday 27th January 2013 12:30

DCU arrived in Sligo expecting an easy victory. Judging by results so far this year, that would be their expectation. The match would throw up more surprises than expected. Sligo were well fired up and prepared to win. The early exchanges were even and with 15 minutes played, the scores stood 8-8. But suddenly, Sligo seemed to lose composure, DCU punished and jumped ahead by four, 8-12. DCU retained this lead and the first half ended 12-17. This is the narrowest of margins, not enough of a cushion to be safe but enough that a team feels safe. DCU were unphased in the second half, but Sligo fought back slowly chipping away at DCUs lead, only to lose composure again and DCU to extend their lead once more. But with seven minutes remaining, DCU still five goals up. A string of fine saves from Sligo’s goalie meant that DCU were under pressure looking for a goal, missed penalties added to their woes. Sligo closed the gap to within two, it was at this point that Julien Gauthiez struck to end the chance of a Sligo upset. The game ended Sligo IT 25-28 DCU.

Sligo are no longer the easy win, victories will surely come for this team as they grow in strength throughout the year.