IOHA Senior Mens League Match Reports

Lughnasa v Sligo IT

Sligo IT, a new team to the SML this year. They are a but if an unknown quantity but their experienced coach Robert Hamm at the helm would be expected to steer them in the right direction.

The game started at a frantic pace, Lughnasa opened up the score lines with eight goals but with only one reply from Sligo. Sligo rallied after a time out and responded and kept the scores within reach for a time. However Lughnasa were the stronger team and continued their onslaught towards the end of the half. The scores ended up 24-7 with thirty minutes played.

After the first half, the victory was out if reach of Sligo but they continued to fight in every attack and defence. During the second half Lughnasa’s lead was extended.

The match finished up Lughnasa 45 -v- Sligo IT 17. This means that Lughnasa retains its top spot with Astra in second following their victory against DCU.

DCU v Astra

The game started slowly with the teams trading blows. Scores were even for the first fifteen minutes. Astra slowly developed a lead towards the end of the first half. Astra’s defence was the difference here as DCU finding it difficult to gain scoring opportunities. This was reflected in the scores as Astra were 14 to DCUs 9 at the break.

DCU upped the tempo in the second half but Astra’s lead was not threatened, some fine saves from Pelk helped Astra keep on top of the game. Despite their efforts, DCU did not mount a serious comeback. Astra extended their lead marginally. The final score ended Astra 29 – 21 DCU.

This is the third loss for DCU from four, if things continue in this vein, the college may not make the playoffs.


The wheels quite literally came off the DI bus today. DI were delayed by an hour on their arrival to cork due to a incident with their bus. Luckily there was enough time in the hall for the game to be played in full.

DI have remained unbeaten for a number of years. They have dominated the SML but last year it was UCC who came closest to upsetting that streak when they were edged out by the league champions in the cup final.

UCC today went into the game believing that they could win. It was a frantic game but DI were the early leaders. They built up a strong lead and were up by six goals in the first half, however UCC finished strongly and at half time they lay just four goal behind DI; UCC 8 – 12 DI. Not a good start but certainly not game over.

In the second half, UCC were blown out of the water. DI closed up shop in defence, used their power & strength in attack and countered quickly clocking up easy goals. DI swiftly stamped out the possibility of a UCC upset. Once again however UCC showed that DI are not infallible as they routed DI in the final minutes to pull the deficit back to eight. The game ended, rather low scoring considering the chances both teams had; UCC 20 – 28 DI.

With that victory, DI move into third, one win behind the leaders Lughnasa and second place Astra. The match between Astra and DI on 9th December should start to sort the men from the boys in the league. On the same date in cork, UCC host Sligo IT in a game that will be hotly contested, both teams will be looking for wins to bring them off the lower end of the table.