Under 19 Dublin Schools Handball Blitz

The IOHA Under 19 School Blitz which took place in Ballinteer today Thursday 29 November was deemed a great success by all involved.

The all boys tournment showcased some strong handballing skills. There was at least one player on every school team that had or is playing on a club team, which is a positive for the growth of Olympic Handball.

The matches were strong, fast and tough, with Boris Selak on referee duties with Saoirse Butler on the table.

Ballinteer took first place by 3 goals ahead of Colaiste de Hide A, in 3rd place was St Tierrians and in 4th place was Colaiste de Hide B.

“It was a great experience for myself aswell as the players, i got to try different aspects of handball as refering and doing the scores, aswell as just being a player,” said Saoirse Butler.