DI win out in Phibblestown

Match report for DI v DCU on Sunday 17th November in phibblestown

DI 37
DCU 15
Last year’s finalists lined up yesterday in Phibblestown. It was DCUs second game having thrown away a massive half time lead away to Astra last Sunday. DI, their first game in the league; were looking for a victory and didn’t want an early upset, perhaps attempting to have the perfect season.

The difference was stark from the offset. DI were raring to go with a full squad bolstered with summer signings.  DCU were without their first team goalie. From the beginning, DI exerted their dominance. DCU found it difficult to deal with the LW from DI, the new recruit Francois Preraux could not be neutralised. With 8 goals in the first half, he was their dominant player. DCU were lethargic on the break an were punished by the razor sharp fast break of DI.

At half time the scores said it all, DI lead DCU 22 goals to 7. The second half was better for DCU who had better patches but the result was still in DIs favour.

The final result was 37-15 for DI. They appear at least from this first game to be the unstoppable force in the senior league an the team to beat!