The Irish Olympic Handball Association (IOHA) has been shortlisted for the Coca Cola Thank You Fund. Coca-Cola, through the Fund, will distribute €125,000 to community and voluntary groups that encourage communities to lead active lifestyles. The fund will award a first prize of €25,000 and 10 runner-up prizes of €10,000. In total, 45 proposals have been shortlisted for the Fund.


The IOHA proposal seeks to introduce up to 10,000 children to Olympic handball all over Ireland using their introductory game, Street Handball. Street Handball is a non contact version of handball that can be played by all on any surface. The IOHA successfully trialled Street Handball in Limerick in 2011 managing to get over 400 children active in Limerick City and County.


All proposals will be subject a public vote which runs to the end of September and judging by an expert panel. You can cast your vote via Facebook at:


Supporters can also share the link and encourage their friends and families to get behind the proposal.

IOHA General Manager, Lúcás Ó’Ceallacháin
“This is a great opportunity for the IOHA to get young people active in a fun and accessible way. If successful we hope to reach young people all over Ireland. It’s an ambitious plan but we are confident that the success of our pilot project in Limerick will ensure that we can deliver the targets. We believe we have a duty to the people of Ireland to help get them active. We hope all those involved in handball, and those who want to help make a positive impact in their communities, will vote for our proposal”.