Women’s Olympic Handball in Ireland

The IOHA is committed to Women’s Olympic Handball in Ireland. There is a lot of Olympic Handball being played at primary school’s level. We would like to keep Olympic Handball in the minds of young girls who then go onto secondary school. If the IOHA can retain even 50 per cent of primary school players, this would in turn lead to a stronger national side but also on a grass roots level, the club which would be a great feeder system into the National Team Structure.

A structured calendar of events for the year will allow for forward planning and will allow for players to know their schedule from this. The Green Giants and the National Academy days will run to give current players more coaching and new players a chance to play handball in a controlled and professional setting. With these factors combined it will allow for the building of a senior women’s team.

If you would like to play Olympic Handball or find a club in your area please email development@olympichandball.org.