IOHA Goals and Policies

The IOHA has set out a number of goals that it aims to achieve in the coming years:

  • Provide excellent support for our members and recognise the efforts of volunteers at all levels
  • Integrated marketing for the promotion of handball in Ireland
  • Increase and diversification of revenue streams
  • Increase the number and quality of coaches and referees
  • Increase the number of players at all levels (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Club)
  • Increase the number and geographical spread of handball teams
  • Grow the women’s game
  • Improve the number and quality of events domestically and internationally
  • Improve national team performance in a professional manner


With these in mind, the IOHA have commissioned the following documentation to adhere by:

IOHA Child Protection Policy
IOHA Code of Ethics and Conduct

Garda vetting forms (2017)
IOHA Data Protection Policy
IOHA Disciplinary Procedure
IOHA Disciplinary Sanctions

IOHA Recruitment Policy
Anti-Doping Regulations

Summary of Personal Accident cover Summary of Cover 2017 – 18 – PA

Summary of Personal Liability cover Summary of Cover 2017-18 – PL